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This is Train Invictus

We believe that locked inside of YOU is the DNA to accomplish the unfathomable.

It was not too long ago that YOUR ancestors survived and thrived in the harshest of environments.

In the long lineage of human ancestry lies queens & kings, conquerors & explorers, craftsmen & women, lion hunters & tiger tamers, mountain climbers & space travelers.

WE as a people have accomplished great things.

That greatness is in all of US.

WE have the blessings of knowledge and history on OUR side.

Now WE need the WISDOM and BRAVERY required to continue the torch of human accomplishment forward.

Crucible Events

12+ hour events which provide opportunities for exponential growth!
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Rise & Shine!

Rise & Shine is set on the view that if you get up just a little bit earlier and do some things for yourself, you can take charge of your day instead of having your day take charge of you.
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