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$25 drop in rate.

12+ hour events which provide opportunities for exponential growth!


Preparing with intention. This program helps the athlete establish a morning routine alongside other like minded athletes via Zoom. Every Monday we pay tribute to a special person or event and use the teachings as part of that weeks message.

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Weekly Programming


Individualized Mental Skills program delivered via our coaching app. 

Weekend Mind and Grind

$25 drop in rate.

90-120 minute sessions. Small in person group training focusing on resiliency. 1 Class per month. 

Leadership Opportunities


Grow and take your turn at the helm. Athletes will elevate into leadership roles helping to lead every activity Train Invictus provides.

1 on 1 Consulting


30 minute sessions centered on the mental health and aspirations of the athlete. Hands down the most important program we offer.

Snow Leopard Package


1 monthly consulting session, Morning Routine, Weekly Programming and the Weekend Mind and Grind.

Try It For Free

$25 drop in rate.

First Session is Free in everything except the Crucible Events. Hop in and join us and see what we’re all about!!

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