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  1. A journey that takes place in search of something
  2. A long & difficult effort to find or do something

This event is designed to offer opportunities for athletes to overcome obstacles, lean on their peers, find a deeper drive within themselves, ask questions, reflect, and ultimately find they are capable of much more than they realized. And so we TEACH, SHOW, SHARE, but ultimately we ALLOW them to take over and become Masters at the helm & Captains of their souls!

Overcoming obstacles

Overcoming obstacles means finding a way to get past them and continue on your way.

Leaning on your peers

Peers can be a great support system when it comes to learning. Learning to lean on your peers can help you stay on track and learn accountability.

Finding a deeper drive within yourself

You can do great things when you learn to find a deeper drive within yourself. Nothing can stop you now!

Learning to ask questions

When you’re learning something, it’s important to ask questions. This way, you can make sure you understand exactly what you’re learning.

Realizing you are capable of so much more than you think!

Realizing that you are capable of much more than you think can be a very empowering experience. Always try your best because you just never know what you might be able to achieve!

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